Southern New Years Traditions

I am a Southern girl and was raised that there were certain “traditions” that you do on New Years Day that might seem silly or superstitious to anyone who wasn’t raised with these traditions.  So here are the ones that we follow. I have heard of several others throughout the years, but I have stuck to the ones that I know. 


1. You must have the following to eat:

  • Pork: because pigs root forward when they eat while chickens scratch backward and cows stand still
  • Black-eyed peas: for good luck
  • Turnips or other folded greens: the folds represent money 
  • Cornbread


2. What you do on New Years, is what you will do all year:

  • Have friends and family over, enjoy life, take a day to relax. No cleaning or work (if you can help it).


3. Don’t wash anything or take anything out of the house. 

  • Don’t wash dishes or do laundry. Susperstition says that someone in your family will die if you do. 
  • Don’t take anything out of your home. This is a reflection of your next year- you don’t want things taken away from you. 


4. Don’t loan any money or pay bills. 

  • There is a superstition that you should not pay bills or loan money on New Years, because you don’t want to end up doing that all year long. 
  • It is suggested that you should pay off all of your debt and bills on New Years Eve so that you start fresh in the new year with no debt or worries. 


5.  Be very careful not to break anything on the first day of the year. It means bad luck for at least the next year. And heavens forbid you break a mirror….. eek!

Do you have any New Years Day traditions?

Wishing you a wonderful and happy 2014!!!








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