Design Dilemma: Foyer Bare Spot

It’s been a few months since we had a design dilemma. This is a great one!

A’s question:

Hey there. I’m needing decorating advice. I need suggestions on something to put in my entry way beside my front door. I’m not wanting to spend a fortune. In the $100 or less range. Got any ideas/suggestions? And it’s a small area.

image  image (3)  image (2)  image (1)

 My response:
So after looking at the pictures and really thinking about it, I really don’t think you need much there. Because of the stairs, you can’t add much more than art on the left side of the door. If you do something that looks heavy on the right side of the door (a big piece of furniture), then the right side will feel too light and the room will be off balance. Because of depth issues, if you put a chair on the right side of the door (which is always my favorite look, I LOVE a chair in the foyer) it will stick out too far and ALWAYS be in your way.
Here are the ideas that I have come up with that will help the room feel finished but won’t stick out too far or be too much for the room.
1. Floating shelves with pictures on them. I would do white shelves to match your trim and use lighter frames (white, silver, light-medium wood–no espresso or dark iron). If you are planning on having a lot of pictures going up and down your staircase, I would not do this. It will make your foyer feel very cluttered. I know that you can get floating shelves at Target and Ikea, but I don’t know what lengths they have.
floating shelves
2. Hall tree. This is the only way I can see putting a seat in your foyer (unless you put it in the corner of the staircase). Keys to finding one: An open iron one like this will give you height and design, but would not be too heavy to throw the room off-balance. Make sure that the total depth is around 15″ so that you don’t block your door.
hall entry coat rack
3. A tall plant or tree. This might be my favorite option. It will give you some greenery, which always helps to make a room feel fresh and alive. It will give you height in the tall room, It also won’t take up too much room. It will also allow you to have one medium sized painting on the wall (around 11 x14 with 1.5-2″ frame). Make sure to get a plant that grows vertical and stays thin, not one that gets wider. This is a fiddle leaf fig tree. Although this one shown is wide, you can shape them to be taller and skinnier than this one shown.
tall fiddle leaf
4. Topiaries. I love topiaries. They are a little more structured and “designy” (yes, I made that word up, ha!) than just a plant. If you use real skinny ones, you can have multiple grouping of them (always decorate in odd numbers 1,3,5,etc…) For the same reasons as above, I like these. Depending on which ones you bought and how big your staircase landing is, you might be able to put one or a grouping on each side of the door.
spiral topiary preserved boxwood- uttermost double topiary
5. Umbrella stand. Its simple, small, and has a purpose. It will “fill- in” the dead space without being overwhelming. I would also add a painting above it as stated in #3.
seagrass-umbrella-holder-White-Apple umbrella stand owl umbrella stand
Let me know if you have any questions and once you figure out what direction you want to go, let me know if you need my help tracking “it” down!
As of last week A was still looking for that perfect piece. I will update you when she finds it!


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