Going into Hibernation…a few weeks more.

Sorry if you guys have missed me the last few weeks. And like the crazy winter weather, our last few weeks have been just as crazy. Most of you know by now that our fireplace caught on fire during the ice storm and we are out of our home until mid-April (at least). So we are all stuffed into a hotel room, which I think could be a reality show. It’s nuts. I can’t wait to be able to cook again. Image


And on a happy note, I am 10 weeks pregnant with little nugget #2. So throwing in hormones and morning sickness into the mix has been, well, interesting.


I had hoped that I would not need to take some down time, but it looks like my schedule is so off lately that I will need a few more weeks to get my life back in order. I hope to start back up with the blog in a few weeks.

Thanks for your patience!



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